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2/12/11 Carries Full Major CPAC Speeches... Except Mitt Romney

Herman Cain, John Bolton, Mitch Daniels, Haley Barbour, Mitch Williams, Ted Cruz, Roger Simon, Rick Perry... Anti-conservative blog Hot Air has full videos of them all. But not Mitt Romney!!

CPAC may dump gay propagandist groups for polarizing the party with their attacks... Allahpundit whines about that. Hotair even admits they support these gay attack groups, and posts a video of the group's liberal talking points.

Moderate Ed Morrissey at least gives a quick rundown of Romney's speech and notes that "it was very well received." But this is still a far cry from the praise he heaps on Herman Cain, whom he says moved the audience to tears! He especially likes when Cain calls his opposition "stupid."

Hotair quotes radical liberal Huffington Post in a baseless attack piece against Romney. They claim his supporters hate Sarah Palin, with just two anonymous quotes to back it up. Here they do post an abbreviated video of Romney and then ridicule him for calling Obama's failures "Hoovervilles."

Yes, Hotair actually took Obama's side! They then posted two videos of a woman who looks like Sarah Palin- whining that Palin won't appear at the event.

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