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Iran's Rage Rising! Minute-by-minute updates... Iran Cuts Internet

Updates are hard to get after Iran has almost entirely cut the internet and blocked cell phones. Mass protests continue. But the mainstream media is silent.

Iran lawmakers want death of opposition leaders- MPs in Iran's government called for the hanging of Mousavi and Karroubi.

Waves of arrests- Former MP Sahrbanoo Amani,the Ayatollah Bayat Zanjani's son & daughter, and Shima Vozaraei (Sharif physics student) are among those arrested today for their alleged roles in the protests. Many arrests at Sharif University.

Obama condemns the crackdown- Obama spoke out against the brutal crackdown of the 25Bahman protests. Fox news and others report the latest updates briefly, noting that the internet is very slow there. Al Jazeera takes the Iranian government's side.

Iran cuts off internet/phone- Some reports that facebook is blocked. Reporters without Borders says satellite television is jammed, internet slowed, cell phones blocked, and internet searches censored.

Protests planned for 5pm- More to come...

A second protester dies at hospital- Reports that a second protester shot yesterday by police died later at a hospital in Tehran. Iran's government claims "the rioters opened fire on bystanders" and killed them.

Al Jazeera defends Iran's government- Al Jazeera repeats the ridiculous claim that protesters killed the student. Al Jazeera discredits the protests by claiming there were only "a couple thousand" and claims security forces had "no choice" but to "defend" the city from illegal protests. Viewers are outraged by AlJazeer'a contempt for protesters in Iran.

Several dead from yesterday's protest- Reports from inside Iran say hundreds were arrested and several dead from the brutal crackdown. Confirmed hundreds of thousands were on the streets, encouraged because the crackdown wasn't worse. Gree Brief lists significant arrests: Susan MohamadKhani (civil rights activist), Mohsen Barzegar (Islamic Association of Nooshiravani University), Hossein Zamen Zarrabi (Islamic Association of Nooshiravani University).

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