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Iran Uprising! Minute by minute updates of Feb14 Protest...

Iran gov. calls protesters 'hypocrites'- State-controlled Fars calls protests "unlawful assembly hypocrites, monarchists, thugs and intrigue in some streets of Tehran." Iran's government claims counter-demonstrations outnumber protesters, but there is no evidence of any counter-demonstrations at all. Iran blames U.S. and England for $1 billion in sponsporship "through Saudi channels."

Europe aids Iran censorship- Central Networks is a company without record, but is listed as the source of Iran's censorship. It's IP for rerouting censored sites in Iran was tracked to Malmö, Sweden.

US support- Sec. Hillary Clinton gave a short statement in support of protesters.

Total choas- BBC reporter teargassed, reports major clashes from police and arrests. Video of Basij police preparing crackdown. Reports of Basj using night vision goggles at night.

One Dead, 250 arrested- Reports Human Rights Agency. Photos show a bloody body. Video of protesters beating an alleged Basij police member, after which they set fire to a poster of the Supreme Leader. Amnesty International confirmed violence used against protesters. AP reports protesters fired upon and beaten.

Heavy clashes at Tehran University- Protesters beaten by thousands of police, protesters at Shiraz fired upon. Hundreds of thousands protest around Iran.

Police fire tear gas against thousands- Video of small fires in the streets of Tehran. Protests continue as night falls. Most squares have been blocked from protesters, but there are reports of clashes in Vanak Square in north Tehran and arrests. BBC reports tear gas used against thousands of protesters in severe clashes in parts of Iran. AFP reports paintball guns, batons, and shotguns used against protesters.

Moussavi & Rahnavard under house arrest- Opposition leaders surrounded by police and prevented from attending rallies. All communication with them effectively cut off.

Police swarm protest locations- Reports of 100 biker police at Ferdowsi Square and security vans moving toward ENqelab square. Other reports of lines of security forces at all major squares and streets.

Man climbs crane in protest- A man was taken away by security forces after he climbed a crane and protested the killing of his brother by government forces in the 2009 protests. (images via and

Prisoners on hunger strike- Political prisoners at Shahr prison in Karaj are on a hunger strike, according to reports, in solidarity with calls for human rights protests. Singer Aria Aramnejad was sentenced to 10 months in prison today, because of revolutionary music.

Hackers take down Iran government websites- Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting has been taken down. Press TV and others still up but very slow. Anonymous is likely behind the hacking effort like last time.

Opposition leaders will attend- A senior Mousavi advisor says both Mir Hossein Mousavi and Karroubi will attend today's rallies in Tehran. Earlier reports had them under house arrest, without phone or internet, and under other restrictions.

US Gov. Twitters In Persian To Support Protesters- @USAdarFarsi is the Persian-language Twitter recently opened by the United States state department in support pro-democracy protesters in Iran. Protests already began last night and continued into the night, as 25 Bahman/Valentine's Day arrives.

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