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LA Times smears Mormon leader for defending religious rights; Flat-out Lies!

LA Times is out of control! LATimes recently attacked cities who arrest child rapist illegal aliens, and smeared Sarah Palin for celebrating Ronald Reagan's call for smaller government.

MSNBC once called Dallin H. Oaks the worst person in the world for condemning the incivility surrounding Proposition 8. Oaks didn't even mention gay marriage or Proposition 8 in this recent speech, but LA Times falsely claimed he attacked the "inroads made by a vigorous gay rights movement." He never said that. His speech had nothing to do with that.

LA Times falsely reported: "Oaks said he didn't want to dwell on same-sex marriage. But the examples he cited of intrusions on religious liberty were almost all related to that debate." Not one single word used by Oaks was related to that debate!

LA Times call his "timing odd" because Mormon numbers are increasing and because Mormons were victorious with Proposition 8. Actually Mormon numbers have always been increasing. And Mormongs were very much not victorious with Proposition 8, as the Constitutional Amendment was illegally usurped by liberal judges. That would support Oak's claim of "an informal conspiracy of correctness" against religion. Democracy in America was usurped.

LA Times falsely claims (in bold at the top): "Many Americans find little evidence that religious liberty is threatened." The rag falsely reported: "He clearly was tapping into a concern of many Americans: A 2008 Pew survey found that the country was almost evenly divided on the question of whether religious influence on government was increasing or decreasing."

Actually a majority of Americans see religious influence in decline, according to recent Gallup polls. Over 70% find religion less influential, the highest amount in history. The Pew poll actually likewise shows about 70% concerned about religious influences. LA Times flat out lied!

LA Times quotes anti-Mormon gay activists and "Freedom From Religion" leaders to spin Oak's words. They report smudge against the church: "What they want to do is to curtail freedom for gays. They're not for freedom. They're for theocracy in matters of marriage... They're not so different from the Islamists, the mullahs." Here is what Oaks really had to say, judge for yourself:

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