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McCain Says Elections Will Stop Muslim Brotherhood... After Meeting With Obama

McCain recently had a one-on-one meeting with Obama about Egypt, and came out convinced that the Muslim Brotherhood will not prevail in free and fair elections:

Kirk argued that Egypt needed a new strong man, while McCain argued that the radical Islamic group would not gain power if free and fair elections were held....

“They are an organization with ties to terrorist organizations. They support Sharia law, that alone should be reason not to have them as part of any democratic government....”

Yet when I asked him whether the United States should recognize a government that included the Brotherhood, he insisted, “I think the United States should take every step to make sure there is a free and fair and open and transparent election, and that won’t happen.”

George Soros groups have been praising the Muslim Brotherhood for years, and the Goerge Soros stooge ElBaradei is set to become president with their support. Soros recently urged support for the Muslim Brotherhood with exactly the same ridiculous reasoning as John McCain!

image: mockstar - flickr/cc license

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