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Obama Spurs Violent Chaos In Wisconsin... uses anti-civil rights tactic to avoid balanced budget

Barack Obama's Organizing For America was a key organizer for the “day of rage” protests in Wisconsin. What happened to civility? The unionist protesters called for the GOP governor's death.

Democratic lawmakers are wanted by police and allegedly fled the state to avoid a budget balancing session. That is how desperate Democrats are to perpetuate the spiraling economy! Democrats have used this tactic to stop legislation before. In 1942 Southern Democrats refused to show up to vote on civil rights legislation for Blacks.

Prior to 1988, the last time the procedure had been used was during a 1942 filibuster over civil rights legislation. Southern senators had spent days filibustering legislation to end Poll taxes used in the South to disenfranchise blacks and other low-income voters. Taking place just days after midterm elections had resulted in the loss of nine seats. Democratic Majority Leader Alben W. Barkley obtained an order on a Saturday session on November 14, 1942 directing Sergeant at Arms Chesley W. Jurney to round up the five Southern absentees to obtain a quorum.

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