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Pro-Abortion Congressman urged to get psychiatric help... Update: Is It Wu In This Speedo Video??

Staffers to liberal Oregon Rep. David Wu demanded that he enter into a psychiatric hospital in the run-up to his 2010 election victory. Oregonians elected him into office despite his erratic and disturbing behavior. Sources report that Wu's mentally ill behavior started long before the elections. In 2007 he accused Bush of being a fake Klingon. His wife divorced him in 2009.

Abortion rights groups have praised Wu for his extreme radical views on abortion and consistent pro-abortion voting record. He opposed a ban on partial birth abortion and supported federal funding for the procedure. He recently voted for higher taxes, helped Obama's stimulus bill, and a staunch Obamacare supporter.

Is this David Wu at the beginning of this video? Kinda looks like him. Warning: Unpleasant images and graphic prank call language:

I don't mean to mock mentally disabled people or insinuate that all liberals are disabled. It is a serious condition and I hope this man gets the help he needs. Unfortunately many people are persecuted for having this 'invisible' disability and I always condemn such evil behavior towards special needs people.

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