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Scott Walker's Phone Was Tapped?

It sounds like the liberal bloggers recorded Walker's private phone, cut out Koch's voice and inserted their own voice reading similar lines. That way they could claim it was a prank call rather than a phone tap.

You can hear a slight echo in Walker's voice. The "Koch" voice has an entirely different fidelity. His cheap mic has hard p's and crackles, as you would expect with any cheap computer microphone. But Walker has a more hollow tone:

The echo in "Koch's" voice is consistent with Voip, but why the echo in Walker's voice? The echo should only go one way (see this example). Echo cancellation gets rid of any echo from the prank victim's voice, with internal feedback possible from the caller to cause that echo. My guess is they played the tapped recording together with the voiceover "Koch" into a Voip application.

Also, the guy sounds nothing like David Koch:

It doesn't get more disgusting than this, Associated Press.

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