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Religion Dispatches Pushes Lie That Mormon Made 'Anti-Gay' Remarks

Anti-Mormon Joanna Brooks over at Religion Dispatches: Mormon Leader: Religious Freedom Under Attack by Gay Rights

This follows an LA Times piece that falsely claimed Dallin H. Oaks attacked gay activists in a recent speech. Anti-Mormon Joanna Brooks pushes this same lie about the speech. In fact, Oaks didn't even mention gay rights, the gay movement, or anything gay. His speeches had zero to do with gay.

Brooks goes further to falsely call the gay movement a "civil rights movement" and claim Mormons vandalize and attack gay rights leaders. She urges Mormons to give in to "moral relativism" with gay marriage because "Mormons stand to lose the political prerogatives that we’ve enjoyed." Her twisted logic ends with a ridiculous claim that the overthrow of our democratic right to vote on laws actually legitimizes freedom of religion: "Recognizing them as neighbors deserving of equal protection for their religious beliefs should be fundamental to any discussion of gay rights and religious freedom in America."

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Euripides said...

Anti-Mormons are one of the quickest and loudest in their ad hominem attacks. The same for gay activists. An anti-Mormon gay activist? Watch out for invective on the scale of nuclear warfare.