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US Security Firms 'Plant Evidence' Against Enemies Of Bank Of America

The Anonymous group says they waged war against security company HBGary after the group tried to expose the identity of the group of Anonymous at the behest of Bank of America and other Chamber of Commerce groups.

Anonymous hackers released an "incomprehensible" version of the Suxnet virus that brought down Iran's nuclear plants, which they say was included in emails stolen from online security firm HBGary. But security experts assure that this version is less dangerous than the binary version, which is easily accessible by those who have the know-how to use it maliciously.

The hackers revealed a series of emails and contracts that allegedly comes back to an attack against enemies of the Chamber of Commerce. They say that the companies wanted to plant evidence of collusion among the Chamber's enemies, as revealed by the thousands of emails. (See his twitter account for a link to the emails)

HBGary chief Aaron Barr became the main target of anonymous after he claimed he knew the identity of the group's leaders. They hacked and still have control of his twitter account, posting details of him and his colleagues, including social security numbers, addresses, etc. The Guardian confirms the emails layout plans to submit false documents to Wikileaks and then prove them false later.

Wikileaks is expected to dump a big leak on Bank of America soon.

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