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Yahoo Asks: 'Should magic underwear disqualify Mitt Romney?'

Actually a very good article from Anthony Ventre:

( "We are so often counseled to be tolerant of Muslims, that our minds go blank at the notion that there may be intolerance of Jews, Mormons, Hindus, Zoroastrians and other religions. Were anyone today to disparage Muslim undergarments, there would be major condemnation from all quarters....

Mormons are often targeted for ridicule because their mystical origins are more recent in history. Moreover, a history of polygamy in LDS is somehow regarded with more suspicion than polygamy in the Muslim world today. HBO wouldn't dream of a version of "Big Love" with Muslims in the picture.

A Yahoo Answer thread provides a brief on the term. During early adulthood, young Mormons may wear undergarments which "serve only as a reminder of special promises made to God." Mormons don't think of the garments as "underwear" nor do they ascribe magical powers to clothing."

The media so long discounted Ron Paul, yet suddenly lauds the man's win of a CPAC straw poll. Fox News and others interview him nonstop? Why? Romney's strong Tea Party support might have something to do with that! And with the religious bigotry plaguing Romney's religion.

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