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Associated Press Reporter Finally Finds A Gay Mormon! (Not Really)

He's not actually Mormon. She lied in the title.

Former AP reporter Michelle Beaver claimed Mormons perform electro-shock therapy on gay Mormons, in a plea to anti-Mormon sites for dirt. In her email she said she is preparing a book about Mormons and Proposition 8:

My name is Michelle Beaver and I'm a freelance reporter working on an in-depth article for the Bay Area News Group(The Oakland Tribune, The San Jose Mercury News, etc.). The article is about Mormon treatment of gays, from the affects of reparative therapy, to the feelings of Bay Area gay people and ex-Mormons regarding Mormon involvement in Prop 8.... I am also writing a book with the working title, "Humble Pious: Mormon Humility Versus Mormon Hostility in the Age of Gay Rights."

In regards to the article, I would very much appreciate if you could lead me to anyone in the Bay Area who is or used to be a gay Mormon. I have been finding some fantastic information for my article, but I still have not found a gay Mormon who lives in the Bay Area or who used to live in the Bay Area. I really need this missing puzzle piece....

1. As you may know, researchers in the psychology department of Brigham Young University in the 1970s used to perform ammonia and shock therapy on gay people, and a Mormon-affiliated group called Evergreen took up the cause later and performed similar "treatment" until at least 2002.

Michelle Beaver couldn't find any victims for her article, so it turned out to be just propaganda for top anti-Mormon websites.

But in the title of this latest Bay Area News Group article she claims she found "Mormon voices" from victims of this alleged eletro-shock therapy. All she found was a Berkeley graduate who left the church long ago. Kerry Rutz claims electroshock therapy did occur and that he was "in mortal danger."

Actually, he didn't see any electroshock therapy himself, and the only conflict he gives was between him and his brother.... but they can blame the church anyway. Rutz claims electro-shock therapy might even still be going on in the Mormon church.

Their intent behind this treatment can only be compared to the motives behind experiments conducted on concentration camp victims during World War II; like the fascist regimes which supported those "experiments" in Germany and China, the Mormon church's ... maltreatment of gay and lesbian Americans amounts to barbaric criminality.

Zero evidence for this wacky conspiracy theory. Zero evidence that the church wronged him in any way. Just some dispute within his family because he was gay.

Actually it turns out Kerry Rutz is a prominent artist in San Francisco's gay community (if it is the same Kerry Rutz). Gee, why didn't Beaver mention that?? Rutz says his art shows "a jaded resignation to the social, political, and personal frustrations of life and continued efforts to use this resignation to facilitate positive change." Positive change? Comparing Mormons to Nazis, spreading wacky conspiracy theories, and hoping that gays' vitriolic hatred against Mormons "doesn't change"... is positive change? Check out his Murder Series... interesting art.

Michelle Beaver continues her bigoted blitz at the Mercury News. She starts with another lie about the Mormon Church: "Mormons dispute charges they were the main impetus behind Proposition 8's passage."

This time Beaver did find a real Mormon, famous Glenn Beck critic Robert A. Rees. He admits "One of the unfortunate results of Proposition 8 is that it tended to divide some LDS congregations, in some cases pitting member against member." Well, I guess that's true. Beaver found some other alleged Mormons, who want to remain anonymous, who don't agree with Proposition 8.

She states that Mormons "did donate a lot of time, money and organizational expertise," but fails to notice that opponents of Proposition 8 vastly outspent the proponents. Her language remains funeral as she claims the "church's stance on Proposition 8 created casualties."

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