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Is Mitt Romney's 'Mormon Problem' Actually The Key To Victory?

The world was stunned when BYU suspended their star basketball player for violating the school's honor code. Brandon Davies graciously accepted his punishment for violating his contract, and the team spiraled down from its number three spot. Liberals complain that the Mormon school is too uncompromising. From gay marriage to illegal immigration, liberals complain that Mormons are overzealous in their values.

So why do they call Romney an opportunistic chameleon? It is a tactical blunder to do this while ridiculing Romney's religion; it is inconsistent. Some liberals claim BYU only suspended Davies because he is black. But this is easily proven wrong. Has everyone forgotten the high-profile white student that was booted for what she did on the Real World show? This spin only reveals the liberal nature to divide people by race and to push negative stereotypes. It recycles the hateful idea that black kids are like Tiger Woods and want to bang as many white blondes as possible.

Besides, Romney's father was a famous civil rights leader.

The media sticks by these attacks on Romney because it weakens his support among conservatives. Once he lands the nomination, you will see a complete 180 spin, and the media will scream about how intolerant and uncompromising he is. The media will slam the church for phony intolerance toward minorities, complete with conspiracy theories like the Mountain Meadows Massacre, Blacks banned from the priesthood, and creepy temple rituals.

The media focus will then be Romney's business record, and they will spin him as a job cutter and bankrupter. But the Mormon issue can then become an attack on Obama. Since liberals brought it up already, scrutiny will fall on Obama's Black Liberation Theology and Muslim roots. Who are people going to be more scared of? Romney constantly ringing your doorbell or Obama flying a plane through your window?

Most people are already sick of the slimy attacks on Mormons, because they know Mormons are extremely patriotic and kind people. They will welcome Romney's crystal-clean character after Obama's corruption. And no amount of attacks on Romney's business record will diminish his obvious success, nor be any worse than what Obama has done to our nation.

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