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Mercury News Continues Bigotry... Gay Mormon Pleads For Michelle Beaver To Stop!!

Former Associated Press reporter Michelle Beaver's crusade against Mormons continues. Her crusade first began with an email pleading to find gay Mormons. "I really need this missing puzzle piece," she said. It still hasn't happened. She still can't find a gay Mormon to bash the church.

Ironically, a commenter pleads with her:

"I am gay and I am very thankful for the Church's stance on homosexuality. I think that is something a lot of people don't understand. Groups like Evergreen and North Star are full of people who would not be very happy if the church changed its stance on homosexuality. Most of the gay people who want the church to change aren't part of the church anyway. People in the church are in the church because we like the church. If you change the church, it won't be the church anymore.

I truly believe God's will is that we learn to control our sexuality. I believe God's will is that sexual relationships are only between a husband and wife. Many other gay people believe that too.

Believe what you want us to believe, but let us believe what we want." (Peculiar Light)

Hey Michelle, are you listening?

Mercury News and other members of the Bay Area News Group carry each of Beaver's bigoted smear articles. Her articles call Mormons Nazis, spread conspiracy theories of electrocuting gays, and falsely pass off a possible leading gay artist as a "Mormon voice."

This latest article has the laughable title Groups try to spur dialogue, healing between gays, Mormons. What she means is, Mormons need to change their "conservative" religious tenants and become more "liberal." Commenters called out Beaver for her bigotry:

"This article was written ignoring LDS doctrine. The leadership of the church has spoken more recently on the matter. The quote by Elders Oaks and Wickman are out dated, and there are multiple more recent quotes, hence your last paragraph is wrong in that respect. You don't mention more recent speeches by President Packer and Elder Oaks,given in the last 6 months.

You also quote many former mormons, but few who support the church's view. Please rewrite this article. Otherwise, it appears to be an under-researched article which is trying to support reconciliation rather than honestly considering the Church's view." (Michael Worley)

"This article shows a complete lack of understanding of how the LDS Church works. The LDS Church is not a democracy and some members forget this. For the LDS Church to approve homosexuality would be the same as approving adultery. This will never happen.

Polygamy was not considered a sin and is still not considered a sin if it is authorized by God i.e. through the Prophet. Blacks receiving the priesthood in 1978 is the same as Christ authorizing the apostles to teach the Gentiles (non-Jews) which was originally prohibited by Christ.

The LDS Church knows it will be hated more and more because of its stance on homosexuality and knows that members will fall away because of this issue." (Sara Phillips)

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