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MSNBC's Contradictory Attack On Romney's Religion

Here is an example of why Romney's 'Mormon problem' is actually good. This despicable liberal at MSNBC launches into a hateful tirade against Mormons. This raving lunatic at GE's propaganda channel tells us Romney is bound by a religion that sticks too closely by some weird ideas. (Which he lies about, by the way.) Then he says Romney doesn't stick by his beliefs enough.

Huh? If you really think about what he is saying, which liberals never do, it makes absolutely no sense. No sense. Evil hate never does. And this slimy piece of trash is certainly evil.

1 comment:

Euripides said...

This is a news announcer? I'd never watch such trash so I'll never have to see that smug sneer on his face again. It's no wonder I gave up watching the TV, let alone network news.