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Newsbusters Exposes Bigoted Anti-Mormon Musical

Brent Bozell found the most appalling reviews from liberals at The Wall Street Journal, ABC, Times, MTV, and Newsweek.

( "Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the perpetually immature creators of the filthy cartoon “South Park,” have spent years delivering product sure to please high school sophomores and L.A. Times film critics. But the problem with toilet humor is that eventually the commode is filled. They have crossed so many lines of decency on television and in cinema that they need a new frontier to muck.

To great secular media fanfare, Parker and Stone are debuting a new musical on Broadway called “The Book of Mormon.” A mocking musical titled “The Koran” wasn’t going to find buyers, only fatwas. So they chose the Mormons because they seem so…harmless, and “cheesy.”"

Newsbusters also exposed a disgusting Washington Post piece that promotes the horrible musical.

1 comment:

daniel kirkham said...

I agree with this. Had they have chosen "The Torah" to be the name of the play imagine the response they'd have gotten. Being a Mormon myself, and having seen much of the play, I can tell you that everything in it was either downright false, or over-exaggerated.