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NYT Launches All-Out Attack On Glenn Beck

New York Times and Drudge Report launched the fiercest campaign against Glenn Beck that we have seen yet. The liberal media urged Fox News to get back 300 advertisers by dumping Glenn Beck, using heightened rhetoric that portrays Beck as a madman.

Glenn Beck has more viewers than all his competitors combined. He is one of the most popular shows on Fox News, more popular than Shepard Smith and Greta Van Susteren. So why does New York Times quote anonymous sources that Fox News might dump Glenn Beck?

Beck got too close to the truth with his revelation that liberals are behind Egypt's uprising. CNN ranted against Glenn Beck for ten minutes, just moments before NYT's publication. They pulled out phony conservatives David Frum and Jennifer Rubin. CNN's Chris Matthews screams about Beck nightly. MSNBC likewise joins the assault.

If Fox does dump Beck it will prove that the media is completely corrupt. Just the other day, Hillary Clinton praised Al Jazeera as "real news" and better than anything in America. She praised them for having less commercials, government-sponsored is better than Capitalism. She praised them for having less debate, dictatorships have no arguments whatsoever. She must also like their role behind jailing bloggers.

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