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Obama Brings U.S. CEOs To Brazil

Michael Savage lists top business leaders who traveled with Obama on his Brazilian vacation, to strengthen George Soros' oil interests:

Jeffrey Immelt- CEO General Electric

Immelt is chairman of Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, and GE is in on some of Obama's worst 'global warming' corruption. Their propaganda channels NBC and MSNBC are some of Obama's top cheerleaders.

John Faraci- CEO International Paper

He sits on the Citigroup International Advisory Board and is a trustee at American Enterprise Institute.

Anthony Harrington- CEO Albright Stonebridge Group

Madeleine K. Albright and Samuel R. Berger lead the firm. Harrington was nominated by President Clinton to be Ambassador to Brazil. The U.S. Senate confirmed him in only 12 days.

Aris Candris- CEO Westinghouse

Before Westinghouse, Candris was senior vice president of Nuclear Fuel.

James Hackett- CEO Anadarko Petroleum Corp

Also director of Fluor Corporation, Halliburton Company and The Welch Foundation.

Zero media report this important list.

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