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Democrats Want To Shut Down Government, Associated Press Blames Conservatives

This Associated Press report doesn't mention Chuck Schumer. They don't mention the plentiful threats from Democrats of a government shutdown. They claim negotiators are trying to "prevent a government shutdown." These "negotiators" propose a tiny fraction of the insanely large budget deficit (which AP forgets to mention). They laughably claim the $33 billion slash is a "significant movement by Senate Democrats."

Those evil Tea Partiers "wants party leaders to hang tough" with their $100 billion proposal, or bring a government shutdown.

Associated Press warns that "it's unclear how many of the 87 freshmen Republicans elected last fall could live with the arrangement... Some conservatives appear insistent on the full range of spending cuts, but others recognize that compromise is required to win Obama's signature and support from Democrats who control the Senate."

Absolute lies! National Review reports:

( "In the ongoing debate over the federal budget, Schumer has been the loudest Democratic voice by far, despite having no formal involvement in the negotiations between the two parties. He has been unrelenting in his badgering of House speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio), urging him to “abandon the Tea Party” and cut a deal with Democrats ever since 54 Republicans rejected a short-term spending resolution over the objections of GOP leadership. The only alternative, Schumer says, is a government shutdown...

Since House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) released his initial budget proposal for the remainder of the fiscal year, Schumer has not stopped talking about a government shutdown. That was back in early February, long before the budget debate had really started to take shape. Naturally, Schumer’s odd and persistent obsession with a government shutdown has led many to question his motives. "

Gee, did Associated Press mention that the Democrats' government shutdown specter arose immediately after the Republican proposal? Why is that?

GOP leaders have repeatedly stated their opposition to a government shutdown, and more importantly, their actions have clearly confirmed this position. But Schumer has continued to insist otherwise until only recently. Now he has taken to accusing “extreme elements” within the caucus, namely the Tea Party, of actively pursuing a shutdown to the detriment of a “good and honest man” (Boehner).

So Associated Press got from Schumer himself the marching orders to attack the Tea Party? Anyone surprised?

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