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US encourages patent-piracy... Yet, most support copyright piracy

Over 70% find internet piracy acceptable according to a recent Rockwool Foundation Research Unit study. Most find it unacceptable to make money off pirated works.

Yet, the US Congress is set to make it easier for big companies to steal innovation from small investors. Proposed laws would give ownership of inventions to the first person who files a patent, rather than the first person who actually invents it. Big companies like Oracle are famous for stealing un-patented material, being a "patent troll." Anyone who invents something will now have to go through the years-long patenting process before they can make use of it.

Naturally, Associated Press applauds the innovation-killing law. The big campaign donors behind this also file huge lawsuits against old grandmas who upload a clip of Lion King on youtube. The bill's sponsor Patrick Leahy's top donors include top media and top technology companies:

Technet (Microsoft), Girardi & Keese (lawyer popular with Hollywood companies), Time Warner, Walt Disney Co, Vivendi (European media company), Microsoft Corp, National Amusements Inc, Comcast Corp, General Electric, Intellectual Ventures LLC, Google Inc, Oracle Corp, Bingham McCutchen (represented Time Inc), Warner Music Group, DLA Piper (lawyer for technology companies).

Gee, didn't Obama just chat with those guys about "Winning the Future?" Now that's a coincidence! Sponsor Orrin Hatch has many of the same top donors:

General Electric, Dell Inc, Hewlett-Packard, DLA Piper (lawyer for technology companies), Intel Corp, Oracle Corp, Micron Technology

The other sponsor for the bill Chuck Grassley also has some of these top donors:

Intellectual Ventures LLC, Microsoft Corp

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