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Washington Post Pushes Lie That China Is Helping Japan

UPDATE: Some Chinese Netizens cheered after Japan's earthquake.

China sent just fifteen rescue workers almost two days after the disaster. That's the truth, and they are milking this great generosity for all its worth. Washington Post jumps right into the propaganda effort: Setting Rivalry Aside: China Responds to Japan's Plight

Japan sent 60 people and millions of dollars in aid when China had its much smaller 8.7 earthquake. Yet China doesn't return in kind. But at least China's media isn't bashing Japan all the time... for now, says WaPo!

Xinhua said the "willingness and readiness to help each other is just a natural reflection of the time-honored friendly bond between the two neighboring Oriental civilizations. The virtue of returning the favor after receiving one runs in the bloods of both nations."

That's what the English Xinhua reported. That's what people outside China are supposed to read. You won't find a single mention of China's relief effort on their Chinese Xinhua home page. In fact, the Chinese site incorrectly reports the earthquake was only 6.1 and not nearly as serious as it really was. Maybe they were just talking about one of the aftershocks?

Their site is plastered with news of Japan's bumbling nuclear disasters after this relatively small earthquake, complete with a timeline of nuclear disasters that devastated the United States in our history. Seriously.

China constantly brews a bitter racial hatred toward Japan. With racist state-run rallies against Japan, China likes to remind its people of the devastation caused by Japan in the last world war.

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Euripides said...

The MSM will do anything to bolster the Chinese position. They are, after all, comrades.