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Why Isn't China Helping Japan?

The death toll exceeds 10,000 in just one Japanese state alone, and is expected to climb drastically in coming days as millions are stranded without food and water. Helps needs to get there quick!

We all remember how exceedingly quick Chinese relief teams showed up in recent disasters within their country. So why can they only muster 13 aid workers, and send them days later?

Korea has sent 100 rescuers, and other countries offer what they can I guess. The US military sent a Naval fleet to help. But China is practically no where to be seen.

China constantly brews a bitter racial hatred toward Japan. With racist state-run rallies against Japan, China likes to remind its people of the devastation caused by Japan in the last world war.

Interestingly enough, so does Family Guy!

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Anonymous said...

Not true, It is apparent that you have only done simple online research on what china have provided for Japan in aid. Did you know China was in midst of disaster as well? They had a pretty big earthquake just a day before. China is setting aside disputes to help Japan. Unlike America, China and other countries does not brag about the aid they provide for other countries. And since China is a communist country, the media most likely will not cover such aid as well.

The Chinese defense minister, called his Japanese counterpart, Toshimi Kitazawa, to offer military assets Way before Any other country reacted to the scene. The Red Cross of China have pledged 1 million Yuan already. Volunteers are rushing over as time passes.

We the Japanese people are very grateful of all the assist that are being given. It is not the time to bash other countries for their ability to help.