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Associated Press Covers Up Democrat Plants Heckling Republican Meetings, George Soros Connections

Associated Press copies their content word for word from George Soros' Think Progress. They claim constituents are unhappily protesting Republican leaders. But the truth is each heckler is a Democrat plant.

  • AP Lie: "Freshman Rep. Daniel Webster was armed with a rainbow of graphs and pie charts... The first heckler shouted his doubts about the Florida congressman's promise to do what is right in Washington... a raucously tough sell as its supporters head home and meet with their constituents..."
  • Truth: "All signs point to an orchestrated effort by partisan opponents to turn up the heat on the freshmen congressmen heading into the 2012 election campaign... Observers said Democratic activists made up much of the vociferous rabble that attempted to drown out Webster's presentation on Medicare and entitlement reform." (
  • AP Lie: "Even the architect of the plan, Rep. Paul Ryan, has been booed, though many of those attending four meetings Tuesday in his home state of Wisconsin were supportive."
  • Truth: "Barletta's town hall last week turned rowdy and one person had to be escorted out after a woman raised the Medicare issue. His aides said that the woman was a Democratic operative who was intentionally trying to stir the pot and that of the 50 people who attended, only two mentioned Medicare. ("
  • AP Spin: "Ryan also was booed last week at a meeting in Elkhorn, Wis. So was freshman Republican Rep. Lou Barletta, at a meeting in his Pennsylvania district. The Morning Call of Allentown reported that the dispute began with a woman chastising Barletta for his support of the GOP budget plan. Shawn Kelly, a spokesman for Barletta, said the woman who interrupted the meeting was president of a Democratic group, and that that meeting got rowdy not because of anger over the budget plan, but because of people who refused to give up the floor."
  • It's established fact that she is the President of Democrats for Change. Here's her site. She says George Soros directed her to the event: "I got an email from, saying they were trying to get people to go." Christman and the other liberals at the event echoed the talking points in that email.

    The video reveals that these people who "interrupted" were actually screaming at other people, heckling other speakers as fascist, and had to get escorted by police out of the meeting. As he leaves someone says, "He is a plant from the Democrats." AP doesn't mention this.
  • AP Lie: "In upstate New York cheers and a smattering of boos greeted freshman Rep. Chris Gibson, whose town hall meeting Tuesday in Malta, north of Albany, drew about 150 people."
  • Truth: The video doesn't show any booes, any heckling. Everything was perfectly civil. ThinkProgress tried to portray Robert Dold's event in Illinois as raucus, and video also revealed there was zero disruption in that event as well! Again, AP refuses to admit where the deficit is at.
  • AP Lie: "Joe Seeman, a 51-year-old software developer who organized a protest before the meeting, called it "one big gift to the rich.""
  • Joe Seeman is a prominent radical protester for Democrats in New York. He calls himself a fan of Saul Aulinsky and of the Rensselaer County Democratic Committee.

    He organized townhall meetings, George Soros, that were "part of nationwide meetings planned in response to a recent Supreme Court decision allowing corporations unlimited financial contributions in political campaigns."
No mention of former Air American radio host Nicole Sandler who was arrested heckling Rep. Allen West's town hall event.

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