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Associated Press Credits Obama With Budget Deal

Associated Press blamed Republicans when a deal seemed unlikely. Now that a deal has been reached they suddenly praises Democrats:

Perilously close to a government shutdown, President Barack Obama and congressional leaders reached a historic agreement late Friday night to cut about $38 billion in spending and avert the first federal closure in 15 years.

Associated Press blames "rank and file, tea party adherents" that it took so long, despite the fact that it was Democrats who sought a government shutdown:

On side issues — "riders," the negotiators called them — the Democrats and the White House rebuffed numerous Republican attempts to curtail the reach of the Environmental Protection Agency.

They also sidetracked their demand to deny federal funds to Planned Parenthood.

AP lauds Obama for his grand negotiation... But forgets to mention that he only spent 3 minutes on the phone:

In one dramatic moment, Obama called Boehner on Friday morning after learning that the contours of the emerging deal they had reached with Reid in the Oval Office the night before had not been reflected in the pre-dawn staff negotiations. The White House was baffled. The whole package was in peril of falling part.

AP warns that those evil Republicans still want to cause more trouble!

Republicans intend to pass a 2012 budget through the House next week that calls for sweeping changes in Medicare and Medicaid and would cut domestic programs deeply in an attempt to gain control over soaring deficits... accusing Republicans of risking a shutdown to pursue a radical social agenda.

They don't even credit Boehner with caving in on liberal abortion demands! Give a RINO his due would ya?

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