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Atlas Shrugged: 85% Audience Rating... Only 6% Rating From Critics

IMDb users gave 67% approval with 502 votes. User comments were raving: "An exhilerating ride"... "Electrifying from beginning to end"... At Rottentomatoes the film got 85% approval with 7,431 votes.

Then there's the professional media critics. There were 2 approvals and 20 disapprovals according to Rottentomatoes:

Obviously this is a movie everyone should see! As someone who has never read this novel or been too interested in libertarianism, yet hates media big-shots with an agenda, I'll watch it tomorrow and provide a fair review. Stay tuned.


Euripides said...

Gosh! Do you think the media even has an agenda when it comes to dissing movies they don't agree with?

How shocking.

It's a good film and should enjoy some notoriety.

Who is John Galt? said...

Honestly, I thought a book as important as Atlas Shrugged deserved a better rendering. (Look what they did with LOTR, Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, and other "dry novels.")

That said, it is obvious that the left is doing their best to sabotage Atlas Shrugged because they cannot stand the message. Well done or not, everyone should read the book or at least watch the movie and strongly consider Rand's argument: Everyone should be free to pursue their own idea of happiness (as long as it doesn't impose on anyone else's rights), and no one should be forced to support anyone else if they don't want to. Force equality is the death of the human spirit.