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CBS Fakes Video of Liberal Protesters

CBS published a video of supposed anti-tea party protesters in Madison. But it turns out this footage was from the April 5th protest over the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Free Republic:

They led off with a report of Sarah Palin's speech in Wisconsin, and they of course provided liberal spin.

They claim there were far more liberals (i.e. union thugs) than Tea Partiers (claiming the thugs surrounded the smaller Tea Party crowd).

But something caught my eye during the report, specifically when they did a pan of the "liberal crowd"...but they pulled a Dan Rather by using video footage from some liberal rally prior to the April 5th Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

How do I know this? Well, if you go have a look at the video in the link above, pay close attention at the 18 second mark. There is a campaign sign being held by a liberal saying to "Vote Klappenburg on April 5th".

No mention in any media about the liberals who screamed f-words during the National Anthem.

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