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Christian Group Counter-Protesters At Mormon Conferenece

Hateful protesters are a regular presence at the General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But this year, reports the Christian Post, there was a new kind of mainstream Christian presenece:

Hill moved to South Jordan in 2009 to start a church in a predominantly Mormon community. He has made clear that his mission is not to "defeat" the LDS Church, which is headquartered in Salt Lake City, but to simply reach those who need Jesus...

He brought out his church to the conference on Saturday, the opening day of the two-day event, to give out some love. "HUGS not THUGS" was their marching orders. They handed out free hugs to those who needed "a boost after walking past our brothers and sisters in Jesus who just gave them an ear full. We will give them an arm full."

Meanwhile, he has a message for the protesters: "Dear Thugs: stop driving the wedge between our relationships that we seek to build that much deeper. I bet most of you aren’t even from this city. If you really knew someone who was LDS and loved them, you would never be doing this. And for those that are in our cities here…there is a reason your church is '50 soldiers in the Army of the Lord' strong every Sunday morning and has been for years."

image source: Molly Lewis on flickr, cc license

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