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Fox News 'Expert' On Obama Birth Claim Happens To Be Obama Fan!

Un-conservative Fox News quotes "a leading software trainer and Adobe-certified expert" Jean-Claude Tremblay as saying Obama's birth certificate is legit. He explains the multiple layers as the product of text recognition software, as I predicted. But no explanation for the lack of color bleed that occurs with any scan, or the other host of definitive reasons.

Tremblay happens to be a big fan of Obama. One Jean-Claude Tremblay wrote this review for Yes We Did! An Inside look...

Rahaf Harfoush have done a marvelous job in this book to paint not only one of the most important moment in the history of the USA but also how social media can be use to engage peoples into action. Inspiring because it reveal how social media can be used not only to build online network, but help put peoples get into action in their community to make a lasting change. Yes They Did! Yes We Can! Whatever is our goals.

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Who is John Galt? said...

Yeah, I saw that. Absolutely amazing that Fox News would say that this guy refutes the evidence that the certificate was made in photo shop when he doesn't even address two of the three biggest points ... AND he's on record as an Obama supporter.


If you do have a good reason for supporting Obama's fraud, at least get a believable expert and cover all the points. Don't insult our intelligence!