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How hard was it to produce 'Atlas Shrugged' in liberal Hollywood?

With all the trash that comes out of Hollywood, I can't imagine how hard it is to push through something decent, much less something not liberal.

Very, very good movie. Overall very hastily created. Some scenes dragged on, like the wedding anniversary, while others were brushed over way too quickly. They must have done a good job updating it from when the book was written because it was all believable to me. No problem there. Some actors were good, some weren't, they were overall 2-dimensional and TV grade. The philosophies behind everyone involved, especially the government, wasn't explained hardly at all. The very beginning was great and then they didn't go into government events much after that. Would be better if it wasn't low budget, but then the whole point of the movie is that the entertainment business doesn't want it to be told... so I kinda like it this way.

Over 85% of audiences gave a thumbs up while only 6% of movie critics approved.

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