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Anti-Mormon Romney Attack Of The Day... Yahoo/Washington Post

(yahoo news/washington post) "The matchup is being cast as the Mormon Primary... Jon Huntsman, then the governor of Utah, endorsed John McCain not Mitt Romney in the 2008 presidential race, despite the fact that the state is heavily Mormon. Both men deny any ill-will but tend to avoid talking about one another publicly. Putting aside the rivalry, it is unclear whether the GOP field is big enough for one Mormon let alone two. During the 2008 race Romney struggled with social conservatives who viewed Mormonism skeptically at best. In polling conducted before, during, and after Romney's candidacy affirmed [sic] the sense that many people view [sic] Mormonism as outside the mainstream. Knowing this, neither Romney nor Hunstman is likely to put their religion on display for voters. But neither men will back away from their beliefs either. Is the country ready for a Mormon president? Or at least a Mormon presidential nominee? The 2012 presidential election should answer that question."

They found all the worst pictures of Mormon Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman grimacing while speaking.

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Euripides said...

The duplicity of the media astounds me - that they make Mormonism an issue because they can get away with it PC-wise.