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Associated Press Covers Up Inexperience, Liberal Activism Of Obama's Judicial Nominee

AP is upset over the first filibustered judicial nominee since 1987, when Democrats defeated a Republican nominee. AP claims Republicans filibustered Goodwin Liu for the Ninth Circuit seat because he had made "acerbic attacks against two conservative Supreme Court nominees." He also made "unabashedly liberal in his writings and statements," but Republicans should only be "filibustering only in extraordinary circumstances" and AP makes it sound like this doesn't qualify.

Radical liberal Chris Coons is quoted saying we should look at "his actual record." Well he doesn't have any. The man has zero experience as a judge. He argued only one case at the appellate level as a lawyer. AP dances around this fact as they glow over his Rhodes Scholarship and law school awards.

Liu is on the board of directors of the radical American Constitution Society and was on the board of directors of the ACLU. He supports racial quotas in public schools and reparations for descendants of slaves, among other radical positions. He admitted that he believes in a changeable constitution:

What we mean by fidelity is that the Constitution should be interpreted in ways that adapt its principles and its text to the challenges and conditions of our society in every succeeding generation.

Liu has zero experience, has extreme radical views about social activism, and helps lead radical liberal organization. No wonder AP loves him.

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