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Associated Press Lawyer Lashes Out Over Obama-Forgery Allegations Against AP

Jerome Corsi recently named AP reporter Mark Niesse as a possible forger of Obama's Hawaii birth certificate, according to reports. Niesse reported a pack of lies about the birth certificate in a series of articles that have since been scrubbed. Niesse went on to seek info on skeptics of Obama's birth certificate. Skeptics now question how deep is Niesse's role in the obvious forgery, particularly considering AP was the only organization to produce a copy of the purported birth certificate, and it didn't have text layers like the White House version.

When The Post & Mail contacted Niesse about these allegations against him, a lawyer for AP got on the phone:

He posited that we were accusing Niesse of something and had called him a “scumbag.”We explained that we had seen the question elsewhere while doing research for our own report, and that rather, we were providing information to Niesse which involved his name and reputation. The lawyer stated that he thought it was unusual that we had sent such an email to Niesse and that he perceived it as accusatory....

The attorney seemed to indicate that Obama was being discriminated against by having been asked to provide such documentation about himself. Why this was germane to the matter of an online question posed about a reporter is unknown....

When asked if anyone at the AP had received an actual paper copy of the document, he answered, “That would be almost the original. No, we didn’t. You’d have to get that through an FOI.”... It was The Post & Email’s understanding that reporters from some news agencies had stated that they received paper copies of the document on April 27.

It is this writer’s opinion that the AP attorney was attempting to quietly intimidate, ridicule and demean rather than address the allegation, whether true or not, that had been raised regarding one of his company’s employees... At one point he asked, “Do you suspect that Obama is not qualified or believe it?” My answer was, “I suspect it because of the abundance of evidence that he is not, but I need to see proof.” To me, his question appeared very out-of-place in the conversation we were having.

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Euripides said...

You'll get nothing out of such a "conversation" with a liberal except lies, deceit and redirections.

Why did the White House release a copy of the birth certificate that was so obviously manipulated?