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Deadly Explosions At Chinese Communist Headquarters

At least three were killed and 10 injured in a series of coordinated blasts at a government facility in Fuzhhou, China. The three explosions hit within minutes of each other.

China's state media named Qian Mingqi as the bomber, and speculated that he was unemployed and disgruntled over the hardline communist methods. He reportedly left an internet message that said his newly built home had been demolished by the government. Protests involving thousands of displaced Chinese are often covered up.

Last September protesters burned themselves in protest of illegal demolations from the government near Fuzhhou. Several other peaceful protesters were trampled by police vehicles. China's communist media condemned the bombings as "atrocious." What is their solution? Social justice. And more media censorship.

Yeah, that'll do it.

"Xia Junfeng, an angry vendor, stabbed two local officials to death for apparent unfair treatment. Yang Jia, a jobless drifted, murdered six policemen in Shanghai after being suspected of stealing a bicycle...

Their disadvantaged education background, limited social contact, and poverty constitute impediments to their personal development and worsens their madness. They may feel a greater sense of unfairness in a fast-growing country, where most seem to be getting better off. The problem thus pertains to a development question: How to achieve an even growth and preserve social justice in a radically changing country?

The reasons for a surge in similar attacks might be due to media sensationalism creating a misconception that horrendous attacks, in particular targeting public facilities out of personal indignation, can cast the culprit in a not wholly unfavorable light." (

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