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Elizabeth Smart would not have received justice in California

Brian David Mitchell received life in prison for his crimes against Elizabeth Smart. Conservative Utah gave justice.

Compare that with how child rapists run rampant in California. Child rapist Phillip Garrido was released on parole because prison psychologist J. B. Kiehlbach testified that he was no threat despite his drug problems. Kielbach is a marijuana-legalization activist who prefers meditation instead of jail time. So he got out of jail because of liberalism, and the incompetant parole system failed to notice the young sex-slaves he immediately locked up in his backyard.

Is it any wonder that Mitchell took Smart to California after kidnapping her?

1 comment:

Euripides said...

Child molesters/rapists/murderers are the lowest of the low scum in my book. It's a shame that California doesn't treat them that way.