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Evidence That Rep. Weiner Sent The XXX Tweet

Coincidences suggest that it was indeed radical liberal Weiner who sent an X-rated photo of himself to a young co-ed in Seattle named Gennette Nicole:

  • Weiner spent much of Friday on twitter, when the tweets were allegedly "hacked," waiting for an alleged document dump against conservative Clarence Thomas.
  • Weiner deleted the x-rated tweets within minutes of their publication. Unfortunately for him, @goatsred and others noticed it before he deleted it and liberal google deleted their cache.
  • Out of 45,000 people following him, this pretty young co-ed who lived about 3,000 miles from his district just happened to be one of only 94 people the Congressman followed.
  • Included in the 94 people he followed was a pornstar named Ginger Lee, whom he directly messaged. Earlier, she tweeted, "You know it's a good day when you wake up to a DM from @RepWeiner. (I'm a fangirl, y'all, he's my trifecta of win.)
  • Included in the 94 people he followed was a teenage girl named Maggie Henning. She tweeted earlier, "talking to Rep Weiner ...right now! is my life real?" Later she tweeted, "@RepWeiner you used to follow me :( don't forget me!!!"
  • Weiner's spokesman lied to the New York Post in their explanation about why the tweet was deleted so quickly. He said, "He had been tweeting about a hocky game just a few minutes earlier." But his twitter account was actually silent for over three hours, as he sought updates on the Clarence Thomas situation.

    Weiner falsely claimed that he sent a humorous response about the x-rated tweet "about 15 minutes later." Not true. He rambled about his tivo and the hockey game for an hour, and then made a joke about his Facebook getting hacked.
  • Weiner had recently tweeted about Seattle, where the co-ed lived. He had tweeted the hashtage #Thats545InSeattleIThink earlier that day for some unknown reason. The co-ed retweeted it.
  • The co-ed had earlier called Weiner her boyfriend. On 4/09 she tweeted, "I wonder what my boyfriend @RepWeiner is up to right now." On 4/10 @Solzilla tweeted, "@GennetteNicole's @RepWeiner crush is cute."
  • The co-ed earlier wrote an article in her school paper about meeting famous people on Twitter.
  • Weiner has the same kind of skinny legs like in the picture.
  • The co-ed deleted her twitter and facebook. She claims, "The account that these tweets were sent from was familiar to me; this person had harassed me many times after the Congressman followed me on Twitter a month or so ago." When a Congressman tweets he an x-rated photo do you just assume that some jerk guy you know hacked his account?
  • As far as anyone knows, Weiner still hasn't reported any of this alleged hacking to the police.
  • Weiner falsely claimed that Facebook alerted him to hacking. When has Facebook ever alerted someone that their "password might have been tampered with?"

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