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The Guardian Uses Anti-Mormon Musical To Bash All Religion

Amazing review of the new anti-Mormon musical that has liberals in a bigoted frenzy:

( "All around me, people are on their feet, cheering and clapping. They are young, rather than old, suitable celebrants of judgment day (deferred). And their favourite anthem is F**k You God...

All religion is bunk, in short: but religions barely 190 years young are bunkier than most because everyone knows that proper saviours only came to rescue us long, long ago in a time of papyrus rather than iPads.

And here's where you start to wriggle in your seat as the encores begin. Is the Angel Moroni any more, or any less, imposing than the parting of the Red Sea? If Joseph Smith started preaching today, how would he fare in St Peter's Square? What would the Saudi royal family make of Brigham Young's wives? Thank you and good night, Harold Camping. When The Book of Mormon mocks one religion it – sweetly or sourly – pulls every religion down with it."

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