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Mitt Romney Breaks Wide Lead In Polls; 58% Strongly Oppose Trump and Palin

A Quinnipiac University poll shows enthusiastic support:
Romney (15%), Palin (15%), Huckabee (13%), Ron Paul (10%), Trump (9%), Gingrich (9%), Bachman (6%)

Most would consider voting for Romney:
Romney (38%), Huckabee (34%), Gingrich (29%), Trump (26%), Ron Paul (25%), Palin (24%), Bachman (21%)

Fewest would NEVER vote for Romney:
Trump (58%), Palin (58%), Gingrich (42%), Huckabee (32%), Bachman (29%), Ron Paul (27%), Romney (26%)

You won't see this poll on Fox News! Hotair and other alleged conservative blogs won't admit it. They would rather shoot Republicans in the back and ensure Obama re-election. Republicans as a group support Romney the most at 18%. The poll shows that Republican women like Palin the most or are unsure. Not surprising. Romney garnered the highest support from Democrats and independents.

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