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Not Enough Sex In Teen Film 'Disney's Prom': Washington Post

No underage sex? No drugs? No violence? It gets an automatic "F" from Washington Post film review:

For movie lovers, prom evokes cinematic memories of pig’s blood in buckets, virginity-losing contests and “Pygmalion”-style makeovers. You’ll find none of those things in “Prom,” Disney’s chaste take on the annual high school spectacular. Nor will you find much excitement, tension or resemblance to actual teen culture in this whitewash of the quintessential rite of passage.

No pig's blood? What kind of prom is this!??

When this teen drama hits Disney’s cable network, as it inevitably will, the studio’s basic-cable censors will have absolutely nothing to cut, and that’s the problem. A pure-and-clean prom movie is perfectly fine for a television special, like the original “High School Musical,” but in a feature film, it plays as shockingly inauthentic. In “Prom,” none of the kisses are swoon-worthy (on the big screen, a foot of space between kissing teens is laughably noticeable) and all the infidelities are insignificant.

The author of this mentally derranged article, Sandie Angulo Chen, is also a reviewer for the parental watchdog organization Common Sense Media. Sick!

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