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Obama's Birth Certificate Has Computer-Generated Letter Spacing!

Typography expert Karl Denninger concluded that it is impossible for Obama's birth certificate to be typwritten in the 60s, based on spacing of the letters. A mechanically typewritten document will have consistent spacing between letters. Modern computers adjust the spacing of letters based on the letters around them, to make the appearance more pleasing. An "a" will scoot closer to a "p," for example, because parts of both objects extend sideways in different places causing an awkward gap.

Here is my reproduction using a Remington Noiseless typewriter. There is a wide gap between each letter. But the edge of the "a" overlaps the "p" in both the White House and Obama copy. Compare:

There is no way any 1960's device could do this. It shows up on the White House pfd, with its separate text layer, and the Associated Press copy that was scanned from a document handed to them. No excuse about text recognition this time!

More examples:

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