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Pro-Gay Marriage CNN Anchor Admits He's Gay

CNN anchor Don Lemon admitted on-air that he is gay, and a victim of childhood abuse. But he assures everyone he was born gay. As with gay Judge Vaughn Walker who unconstitutionally overthrew proposition 8, this explains a long history of pro-gay marriage behavior. Immediately following the unconstitutional ruling Don Lemon interviewed the authors of pro-homosexual parenting film 'Gay and Tony Have a Baby' (see

Are you- how are you guys feeling? Are you anxiously awaiting this judge's decision, or what- is it just something that's in the back of your minds now?...Are you feeling anxiety about this?

...Do you see the other side? Do you see the fear? Do you understand that some people have been brought up a certain way and have certain religious beliefs, and may necessarily- may not necessarily go along with your lifestyle and the lifestyle of millions of Americans around the country, and believe that gay marriage should not be legal?

He then confronted Tony Perkins of the conservative Family Research Council:

So, I'll ask you the other side. The people who are for same-sex marriage, who don't want Proposition 8, would say, what's wrong with that, if it is what the- if it is upholding the Constitution? What's wrong with that?... All men are created equal, endowed by the rights of their creator?... But if two people who want to be together think- feel that they should have the same rights as the people next door who are heterosexual- under the American Constitution, regardless of what you believe about religion or about sex, or what have you, what is wrong with those two people abiding by the Constitution- paying taxes- having the same rights under our Constitution as everyone else? What is wrong with that? What is the argument against that?

Don Lemon attacked the Catholic Church in other ways because of their marriage values. Sounds like he's really trying to convince himself that he was born gay!

In another interview, Don Lemon sympathized with a soldier who was discharged for being openly gay. Again, he brought on the authors of a gay-adoption film (see

Was it worth the prize for speaking out?... If it is repealed, can you re-enlist?... Would you be able to go back in as a lieutenant, or it's a done deal now?... Michael- because we want to look beyond the military- obviously, very important, but how is Lieutenant Choi's discharge resonating in the country, especially in the gay community, if you can gauge that?... what's next for you? Are you going to keep fighting? What are you going to do now?

In an earlier interview with the authors of that gay propaganda film, Lemon portrayed gay parents as role models for children.

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