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Background Markings On Kenyan Birth Certificate Consistent On Obama Document

GoodtryBarry noticed consistent background marks on Obama's released birth certificate and a Certificate of Live Birth birth which had been inexplicably released by the Aloha Reporter in March 2010. The Aloha Reporter document claimed Kenya as Obama's birthplace.

The X's and dashes appear in box #3.

A penciled 2 appears in box #11.

A penciled O appears below During Pregnancy, and N/A is replaced by another O.

The penciled 2 in box 7g is exactly the same. Remnants of a penciled 9 in box 9 and a mark in box 14 can also be seen.

A diagonal line appears in box 5b.

The boxes and letterings of the two documents are almost exactly the same. The check boxes next to the doctor's signature are exactly the same. Scribbling in the Obama document cover the X's in the Kenya document:

The forger copied the letters straight from the Kenya document, and fixed messed up letters on a separate layer. Only the most fuzzy letters from the Kenyan document appear on this separate layer on the Obama document:

The signatures of the mother and doctor overlapped other letters in the Kenyan document, the "igna" in Signature, the "arent" in Parent, and the "Att" in attendant. The forger of Obama's document replaced these letters. He had to in order to put a different signature. Each "of" was also replaced because they were fuzzy. The "Pa" in parent doesn't appear in this layer, however dark noise from it does.

Here are the Aloha Reporter document, the Obama document, and the Obama document with text layers removed:

1 comment:

Euripides said...

The anti-conservative Media Matters has already declared that this layered and manipulated copy is consistent with OCR technology.

Not realizing, of course, that OCR produces a text file, not an image file.

Curiouser and curiouser.