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Video Proves Tuscon SWAT Team Executed Marine

Newly released video proves that SWAT attorney Mike Storie lied about the botched raid of an innocent Arizona man. SWAT claimed they blared sirens for 45 seconds before entering the home, but the video shows just a few seconds of a siren and a couple more seconds of a man shouting something.

The Arizona Daily Star perpetuated lies about this raid:

One of the officers falls down a couple of seconds after they open fire, and then all SWAT team members back away from the door, the video shows....

At 9:34 a.m., the audiotapes reveal that SWAT officers began what would be about 30 minutes of repeating in English and Spanish: "It's the Pima County Sheriff's Department SWAT team. Anyone inside the house, come out with your hands up, no weapons in your hands."

30 minutes?? An officer down?? I didn't see any of that. Did you?

Absolutely no coordination or preparation went into the raid. It's a wonder the officers didn't shoot each other as they scrambled to execute the indefensible Marine. The whole thing went down in less than 20 seconds and they are trying to cover their tracks with lies.

Radical liberal Sheriff Dupnik famously blamed conservatives for the Arizona shooting last year, and called the state a "mecca for prejudice and bigotry." This led the Associated Press and other media to blame conservative (constitutional) principles for the violence. Now he is getting away with this. Police can barge into a home and execute an unarmed, innocent man.

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