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Free Republic's Anti-Romney Campaign Backfires... members are sick of the bigotry!

Anti-Mormon hate site placed anti-Romney ads in their forum topics, and apparently not everyone there is happy about it. The propaganda effort is part of an anti-Romney campaign by the site's owner Jim Robinson. When asked why he moved anti-Mormon topics to headline news, Robinson once sarcastically replied: "Someone needs to rewrite the bible to include Apostle Joe," reffering to Joseph Smith, the church's founder.

Contributers expressed outrage at Robinson's bigoted propaganda effort:

Replies to this also express outrage (just the first page):

"Amen Bro - I’m witcha!"
"Dittoes to your comment! This Free Republic “all-anti-Romney all the time” is starting to remind me of the Lame Stream Media’s 2008 promotion of nObama."
"This campaign, if that’s what it is, has become tiresome."
"Romney is a Mormon."
"Are you calling Free Republic anti-Mormon, because we refuse to support a liberal Republican from Massachusetts? Please explain yourself."
"This is the part of FR I dislike..I believe primaries should be an equal opportunity shoot out. but then I don’t run nothing"
"I don’t understand it either. I don’t have a problem with those responsible for FR putting on their website anyway they want. But having something thrown in our faces thread after starts losing its desired impact rather quickly, wouldn’t you say?"
"Like the author of this thread, I too do not like Romney and would not vote for him, but the incessant anti-Romney stuff is getting old, and a bit petty."
"I'm 100% with you. Maybe those anti-Romney are simple minded types with nothing in there head so they do this to feel like they know something. While America goes in the toilet this crap is getting tired. "
"All the Mormons I've known (not a lot, though) have been good, decent people who make wonderful neighbors and great designated drivers. I don't agree with their religious beliefs, but none of them have threatened to cut off my head because of that. "
"Indeed. You beat me to it. It’s getting VERY tiresome."
"Enough is too much. Quit already."
"100% agreed. FR (management) is acting too much like the daily kooks."
"Hey, I don't like his politics either, but he seems to be a pretty smart guy, so calling him a......oh, MORMON...ah, never mind. "
"I’m with you in experience. I’m just sayin’ that Romney has problems on both the right and the left due to prejudices about his religion."
"I agree as well. I get the point, and besides, the damn primaries are still more than two years away."
"I agree. It is getting old to have to flip past an anti Romney ad on every bleepin’ topic thread. Evidently this is sponsored by the forum owner?"

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