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Associated Press Carefully Avoids 'Hacker' In Weinergate Whitewash

The media is whitewashing away Weiner's original claim that a hacker sent that photo of his mini-weiner to a college girl. The only mention of hacking in AP's Weiner report is a mention of an Ohio lawmaker who was "hacked." Actually, that's a lie because Republican Batchelder's liberal opponents only set up a false twitter account of him. Nice diversion, but that's not even hacking.

Associated Press devotes most of the article to claims that it isn't a big deal. They repeat this over and over, that it is a distraction, with quotes from prominent Democrats. They are careful to avoid Weiner's flip-flop on how the photo showed up. Weiner initially said it was a hacker; then he said it was photoshop; now he says it is a "prank." AP falsely reports that it was "a joke" all along.

"Weiner has insisted he did not send the photo. He says he saw it online before deleting it." -AP

AP ignores the host of evidence that Weiner sent the photo. They ignore the slew of young pretty ladies who Weiner followed on twitterr; they ignore his profane meltdown against CNN, his calling the cops on CBS, the young ladies he has been photographed with.

The number one issue on people's mind is why Weiner doesn't involve police in such a serious allegation as cybercrime. AP suggests: "By hiring a private firm, Weiner controls the release of information about the investigation." Which is spin for: "It's a felony to report lies and he's probably lying."

1 comment:

Euripides said...

If Weiner's Twitter account was hacked, there'd have to be a criminal investigation. If there were a criminal investigation, Weiner might find himself on the "short" end of the suspect list.

That obviously cannot happen under any circumcisions, er, circumstances because Weiner is a Democrat.