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Free Republic steps up bigoted campaign against Mormon Romney, repeats same story 18 times

Next to every topic on the Free Republic forum is a large video titled, "A Campaign For Every Viewpoint, Romney 2012." Free Republic ran the same ad campaign last year, in which they called him an evil baby killing butcher.

The owner of the site, Jim Robinson, is famously anti-Mormon. The hate site promotes anti-Mormon threads and deletes pro-Mormon discussions. Right now, Free Republic's top headlines page is riddled with attacks against Romney. Much like Fox News, they repeated the same anti-Romney story 18 times, about Sarah Palin's backstab of Romney, on their top headline page. The religiously bigoted Palin-bots are in a frenzy! They would do anything to see a Mormon lose; they would help Obama. Dozens of other anti-Romney topics are to be seen, including a bigoted discussion about LDS 'a dangerous religion.'

When site-owner Robinson was asked why he elicited bigoted discussions about Mormons, he replied, "If this is not breaking news of the century, I don’t know what is. Someone needs to rewrite the bible to include Apostle Joe."


heman said...

FR post the same posts over and over. Never any content. They claim that thier post are never disputed, when the fact is the the disputes are removed.

Saundra said...

I am one of the original FReepers (Saundra Duffy), since 1998. I just got banned. Jim Robinson stabs his friends in the back and screws it in deep. You cannot trust him; he has gone to the dark side. If you knew all the FReeping things I have done for Jim Robinson, you would be shocked that he could turn on me. What a backstabbing evil fascist creep!