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Japan Recovers From Tsunami, America Is Still Stuck With Obama

When Japan experienced one of its largest earthquakes and tsunamis in its history, I predicted that they would recover quicker than America would from our depression. As usual I was correct. The financial and cultural ruin that Obama and the liberals have wrought on America is more destructive than most anything nature can produce. Japan's government used simple measures to bring rapid growth to its economy:

( "The Bank of Japan upgraded its monthly economic assessment for the first time since February, while the economy will return to a moderate recovery in the second half of the fiscal year through March 2012.

Moreover, Japanese policy makers noted that economic recovery won't need any stimulus and additional assets by the Bank as the economy has ability to recover again from the March quake because of the recession isn't too sever...

Furthermore, the Japanese economy has witnessed some improvements after the March quake, where the industrial sector increased less than market expectations in April, adding the Japanese companies began their production process, signaling that the economic recovery will start its upside movement in the second half of 2011.

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