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More Rep. Weiner Girls Discovered?!

A young brown-haired girl is seen walking with Rep. Weiner in this video. Who is she? An aide?

A similar young brown-haired beauty is seen holding notes at Rep. Weiner's press conference. Is she an aide? source

A second brown-haired girl stands next to her at the same conference. Definitely not a reporter; is she an aide? source

A young brown-haired girl stands near Weiner at a speech in this video. She stands looking at the audience:

Look who he walked with in a gay rights parade last year: source

And of course there's this picture and this picture. Add these girls to Gennette Cordova, pornstar Miss Ginger Lee, Rachel Campbell, Heba Abedin, an unknown blonde woman, Kim Pham, and Nicole Aquino, all young pretty ladies who Weiner might have had connections with.

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Anonymous said...

With a name like Weiner, this clown should consider changing his name.....douche bag seems appropriate.