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'One Nation, Under God, Except For Liberals'

Liberal NBC apologized after they edited out 'Under God, indivisible' from the pledge of alliance on two separate occasions of a recent broadcast. Obama was just another liberal who also erased God from the US government. Why are liberals so persistent on whitewashing God out of America?

America doesn't exist without God, and that is exactly what liberals wish for. There is a very simple rule that I live by. Good fruit comes from good trees and bad fruit from bad trees. Liberal Obama started new wars and then suddenly "cowboy diplomacy" became "global leadership." He got permission from some socialist European countries instead of following the law and getting permission from Congress. This is just one example of the evil that liberalism produces.

The reason why it is so significant the liberals erase God from the government is because they solidifies liberalism itself as a religion. Just like with the tower of Babel, they want to make a name for themselves instead of being "under God." The natural result will be a breakdown of communication and scattering of people, or in this case polarized factions. The attack on our pledge of allegiance is one of many way the demonic religion of liberals attacks real religion.

"One nation, under God, except for liberals, with liberty and justice for all."

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