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Sarah Palin, Joe Miller, Bachman And The Tea Party's Anti-Mormon Campaign

Polls show that a third of evangelical Christians and almost half of liberals refuse to vote for a Mormon. This despicable bigotry in such a large segment of America is just too good to pass up! But who would have guessed that it would be exploited by the Tea Party, the self-proclaimed bastion of virtue and American patriotism?

Radical liberal John McCain and phony conservative Mike Huckabee joined hands to prevent a Mormon from getting the nomination in 2008 using anti-Mormon rhetoric. Washington Post reports that pro-Michelle BachmanTea Party organizations are publishing anti-Mormon propaganda pieces:

Harold White, a 62-year-old former train conductor who lives in Marietta, Ga., said negative stories about Romney’s Mormon faith have been making the rounds on his local Tea Party listserv. “We are moving away from Romney and Huntsman,” said White, referring to former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, who is also Mormon. “Their Mormon beliefs are just so different from Christianity.”

Bachman hired a guy who made violent threats against Romney and picked fights with Rush Limbaugh, Ed Rollins.

Tea Party hero Joe Miller announced a $500,000 campaign against Romney in key primary states. "It’s about getting the government back to its fundamentals," he said.
His fellow Alaskan cheerleader Sarah Palin is getting in on the action:

"Another Tea Party darling, Sarah Palin, also said today that Romney will face a “challenge” in garnering Tea Party support. "Tea Party activists are pretty strident in a good way in making sure that the candidate that many of these Tea Party candidates will support has the record of living out the principles the Tea Party tends to embrace..."

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