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Ahmadinejad Thug Possibly Identified In Embassy Email Hack... Sleeper Agent In West?!!!

UPDATED- A photo of someone close to Ahmadinejad looks like a man who beat democracy protesters in Iran. On June 21, 2009 I noticed the similarity between the man next to Ahmadinejad and the Basij secret police officer who was photographed roaming the streets with a large baton. His close proximity to Iran's president in the AP image suggests he might have a high position in Iran's government.

Notice the similarity of this Basij/bodyguard to a man who appears in hacked emails from Iran's embassy. An email from to the visa application department contained only this photo>>>

The leaked email is dated April, 4, 2011, from a visa service called Arya Tour. The meta-data on the image gives a number R14109052, which correlates with a national ID number on a list of visa applicants. The visa application number for this ID is 6560607065, and candidate #28596. Unfortunately that number isn't referenced in any other of the hacked emails. A name appears on the image data: Sina.

This could be huge! The man could be a leader of Iran's Basij secret police, and he could have used a travel agency with a falsified visa to infiltrate a Western country. Or maybe a Basij just left for an extended vacation abroad? Or maybe he just looks like that guy. Should the NSA know about this??

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